Action + Strategic Planning

85% of executives believe their company does an inadequate job of setting and communicating direction. This explains why people and organizations are increasingly demanding that planning be…

· Dynamic
· Participatory
· Responsive
· Realistic
· Inclusive

Professional and process based facilitation brings an integrated whole-system approach that embodies these categories in Action and Strategic Planning.

Action Planning

Action planning is designed to allow for all those responsible for implementing or jump-starting a stalled project, designing a campaign, or planning an event, to create a plan together on how to accomplish the task.

Action planning will clarify directions, align resources, designate leadership role & responsibilities, and build team trust and support. It is a great method for short-term planning on a project that has already been agreed upon.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is about creating the future and building the strategy to get there. Organizations benefit from the specific plans themselves, the greater level of commitment and ensuing ability to implement decisions, more innovation, a common framework for communication and problem solving, and encouragement of responsibility.

The structured process incorporates traditional planning approaches (long-term, project, and operational planning) within a cohesive participatory process to help an organization make choices related to its overall organization purpose. It quickly moves a group from its vision to agreed-upon strategic directions and actions.

Meetings + Workshops

Are you planning your meeting or workshop event to get you where you need to go? Or are you just “having a meeting”?

Over 25 million meetings take place every day in the United States and on average professionals lose 31 hours (or 4 days) per month in unproductive meetings. That is lot of meetings and a lot of wasted time! What meeting reputation does your organization have?
The character of our meetings and events, are they open and supportive or hierarchical and competitive, mirrors an organization or group culture. Be intentional about the culture you are fostering, be more productive and achieve greater results with meetings and workshops that are designed to achieve deliberate results.

Types of Meetings + Workshop Applications

  • Change Leadership
  • Annual Planning
  • Participatory data and idea gathering
  • Discuss tough ideas
  • Reflect on important issues, events, accomplishments, or failures
  • Avoid heated arguments and move discussion to a productive end
  • Set team priorities
  • Create team alignment
  • Develop quality improvements
  • Develop policy
  • Restructure or realign job functions
  • Coordinate departments
  • Gather stakeholder input and engagement

Partner + Implement + Improve

Great! You have a practical and actionable plan with organization commitment, but you realize you lack the right resources to implement. According to research by McKinsey & Company, about 70% of all change initiatives in organizations fail; often related to a lack of implementation knowledge, lack of skill and practice, hidden conflicts, and a culture working against change.

Even though a great majority of initiatives fail you can succeed and overcome the challenges.

As an experienced facilitator and implementer in cross-organizational change working with leadership to incorporate and develop facilitation methods and characteristics into the project, Beyond Facilitation will partner with your organization to facilitate the implementation of a plan or strategy to bring organization improvement and set the groundwork for a facilitative and continuous improvement culture.