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Who is Beyond Facilitation?

Beyond Facilitation is a team of affiliate partners and member of a national network of certified facilitation and training consultants. We  are committed to helping teams, organizations, and communities solve issues, plan strategically, achieve shared outcomes, and transformational change. As enthusiastic and experienced facilitators and implementers of change initiatives we partner with you to incorporate and develop participatory methods into projects to tackle the difficult, work through what is holding people back, plan for all types of business needs, and develop clarity. Services include: consensus workshops, strategic planning, focused conversations, meetings and retreats.

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is a powerful process for engagement, inclusive participation, and transformative outcomes. It generates ownership, creates clear goals, opens lines of communication, broadens perspective, and inspires people to adapt to their changing environment. Through facilitation practical plans and actionable decisions are achieved. The most effective, long lasting changes occur when those who implement change help decide what needs to happen.


Beyond Facilitation can make a positive impact on your organization, and is eager to help your organization achieve greater results. Communicate better, develop actionable plans and strategies, and develop an inclusive and collaborative culture that will drive greater results for your business, with your customers, and in your community.

Beyond Facilitation was founded on the premise that:
  • People support a world they help create
  • Shared perspectives bring better ideas to fruition and secure commitment that turns ideas into results
  • Organization cultures can be transformed through the way groups interact to achieve shared outcomes
“To be successful, strategies must be built upon collective 
thinking and commitment.”
– Andrea Hochhalter

What is ToP

ToP Training is part of The Institute of Cultural Affairs in the U.S.A. (ICA), as well as the ToP Network. ToP provides structured facilitation methods to help groups think, talk and work together to recognize and honor contributors, deal with more data in less time, pool individual contributions into useful patterns, and welcome diversity and minimize conflict.

Trained in ToP

  • Facilitation Methods
  • Strategic Planning
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Designing for Change