Beyond Facilitation is committed to helping organizations and communities solve issues, plan strategically,
 and achieve shared outcomes.
Let us help you engage, innovate, change and grow!


At Beyond Facilitation we understand that no two individuals or organizations are alike therefore; no two-facilitated sessions are exactly alike.

Working together with your organization to develop the desired event outcomes, ensure the right participants, select the appropriate facilitation model, develop the agenda and coordinate logistics, your event will be planned and designed specifically for your organization’s success.
A variety of facilitation methods and tools are utilized, which ones are applied to your organization’s event is dependent upon your organization’s unique characteristics.
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Participant engagement is key to moving ideas forward with acceptance and commitment. At Beyond facilitation, we create an environment where a variety of insights, fresh perspectives, and challenging questions are welcomed. All voices are sought out and honored with the shared understanding it will stimulate innovative thinking, enable greater collaboration, and achieve superior results.

Beyond Facilitation events are designed to engage participants with the session content and desired outcome, the facilitation methods and tools, and foster relationships through a solid foundation of trust, respect, and effective communication.


Through our process Beyond Facilitation’s objective is not only to successfully facilitate, but also to model the facilitative approach. Through demonstrating effective methods and tools used to bring out the best in groups and individuals our desire is to develop a facilitative mindset and skills within your group.

Adopting the style of the facilitator in one’s role as a leader, manager, supervisor, or employee means unlocking the power of a group’s diverse perspectives in facing issues, change, or opportunities while maintaining composure and integrity within the group. 
Through actively participating in a facilitated event individuals can develop their leadership skills, learning how to successfully engage others during planning and decision making events, enabling the organization to achieve greater outcomes.
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Now it is time to put decisions and plans into action. We work with your organization to create focused implementation plans with clear direction for action, responsibility, and commitment.

Not everything can be accomplished at once, so focusing and prioritizing is necessary.
As change is the only constant, Beyond Facilitation will work with you to regularly align your implementation plan with the organization’s current reality.